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Boulder Creek Engineering BrassHat™ Announcer


A recordable sound module with a fascia faceplate, Announcer has 5 pushbuttons to trigger up to 10 separate messages and sounds. A pre-recorded "outdoor crowd" background track is included, along with the standard user-recordable background track.

Announcer is the perfect choice for fascia-triggered announcements for passenger stations, yards and industries. These can be mixed with background and automatic sound playback.

Includes: BrassHat™ Announcer Faceplate/Circuit Assembly, 3 minute 36 second recording capacity, Fascia Template, Product Manual.

"Now arriving on Track One, Colorado & Southern No. 18, the Texas Fast Mail! Please stand behind the yellow line." Denver Union Station employees check their watches and note another on-time arrival thanks to a crack engine crew.

Add fanfare to your passenger operations — announce arrivals and departures, on time and otherwise! Or give the Yard Master a PA system to instruct switch crews. The BrassHat™ Announcer plays your pre-recorded messages at the touch of a button. And if your yard switch crew slacks off, your YM can wake them up with a blast from the yard "squawk box".

Do you want a custom sound track for that special industry — a unique sound module with flexible playback? The easy-to-use BrassHat™ Sound Recorder will bring your railroad's industries, engine facilities, towns, and right-of-way to life with audio tracks that you record.

BrassHat™ Announcers & Sound Recorders.

To obtain more details click here : Announcer Product Manual

Stock # BCE / BH-21A

Recordable Sound Modules for model railroads

  • Easy recording of 8 or more messages and audio tracks
  • Trigger playback with pushbuttons or connected electronics
  • Automate playback with fixed or random order and timing
  • Record a background sound track to play between tracks
  • Record with built-in microphone or LINE IN jack from PC, CD player, ...
  • Up to 4 minute recording capacity – erased recordings recycled to eliminate gaps and keep full capacity
  • Speaker output or stereo jack for powered speakers (mono sound)
  • Separate volume control for background sound track
  • 200 mA outputs drive LEDs, motors, relays on trigger or playback

Simple installation

  • Screw terminals for all circuit board connections
  • Faceplate/Circuit Assembly with Template for clean fascia installation (Announcer only)
  • 8-Ohm speaker or powered speakers required
  • Power Supply: DC (9-12 V) or AC (7-9 V), 150 mA required
How to Use
Full instructions enclosed with product.
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