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BenchVent BV100H - A1 Recirculatory Spray Booth

BenchVent BV100H - A1 Recirculatory Spray Booth


BV100H - A1 Recirculatory Spray Booth

The BV100H is a general purpose hood mounted filtration cabinet and workstation for light aerosoal spray, airbrush use,fume / vapour absorption and dilution. It is designed for art, graphics, design technology areas,crafts and hobby modelling.It has a big working space,and can accommodate up to an A1 size artwork, as well as prototypes, Scale Models, ceramics, PCBs and so much more.

Disclaimer :

Strike Force Hobbies recommends you follow the proper protocols / caution and wear a respirator when spray painting.

BV100H Applications:

The BV100H is suitable for art and graphics,hobbies, modelling and craft application. It will extract fumes and filter particles created by:

  • Aerosol Adhesives
  • Lacquers
  • Fixatives
  • Airbrush Sprays
  • Solders
  • Light Grinding
  • Size  : 960x660x620 (wxhxd) [internal] 960x740x720 (wxhxd) [overall] exact measurements in millimeters.
  • Inches:  37x25x24 (wxhxd) [internal]  37x29x28 (wxhxd) [overall] ( Inches are approximate measurements only )

    All North American Units are regulated at 110 V / 60Hz and arrive with the electrical power plug manufactured for North America usage.
Stock # BenchVent / BV100H

Key Features :

  • A2 or A1 drawing boards can be placed into the hoods at an angle for efficient overspray capture.
  • The workstation hood also accommodates prototypes, models, ceramic parts, PCB’s etc, placed onto the hood base to be sprayed, soldered, cleaned, glued, moulded, sanded etc.

What's included with your BV100H?

  • BV100H Filter unit with fan(s)
  • Hood Enclosure
  • 1 x Particulate filter
  • 1 x Charcoal Impregnated fibre filter
  • Power Lead
  • Data/Warranty Booklet

Lifetime Guarantee :

All BenchVent filtration and extraction systems carry a lifetime guarantee. ( Terms and Conditions Apply )

Lifetime Guarantee for all BenchVent manufactured Extractor(s) / Spray Booth products BenchVent Terms and Conditions apply Please see Warranty section for details. Call Our Toll free Number For Assistance If Needed.
Shipping Details
Customer will be invoiced via email the exact shipping cost,the average cost starts at $ 95.00-$ 98.90 U.S. . Signature will be mandatory on all purchases upon delivery via UPS. Shipping to be UPS only with Signature Due on Delivery. Please select the shipping option displayed on cart as noted and then click " RECALCULATE " system will display $0.00 shipping.  " UPS courier services and BENCHVENT Orders ( we will advise exact shipping cost on order ) ".
BenchVent Terms and Conditions Apply Call Our Toll free Number For Assistance If Needed.

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