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BenchVent BV300S-D Spray Booth

BenchVent BV300S-D Spray Booth

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The BenchVent BV300S-D, an A3 Extraction Unit for Aerosols, Airbrushes and more. This high quality extraction system contains, filters and extracts harmful particulates for a cleaner, healthier working environment; making it ideal for the hobbyist, modeller and arts and craft enthusiast.

Disclaimer :

Strike Force Hobbies recommends following the proper protocol(s) / caution and wear a respirator when spray painting.

Review Of The Benchvent BV300S-D.

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What's included with the BV300S-D :

  • Filter unit with fan and 2mtrs flexi-duct
  • Spray Shield
  • 1 x Particulate filter
  • Power Lead
  • Data/Warranty Booklet
  • Lifetime Guarantee for all BenchVent manufactured products. * Terms and Conditions apply please see Warranty section for details.
  • All North American Units are regulated at 110 V and arrive with the electrical power plug manufactured for North America usage.


Manufacturing / Production of all units for North America to commence January 2024. 

Upon purchase of this product you fully accept manufacturing time of 2-4 weeks. 

Be advised delay may occur as per production during heavy demand.

All units ordered shipping is to commence January 2024. 

Exact Shipping cost will be invoiced to the customer prior to order shipping.

Please select "UPS" as shipping option, and click recalculate tab prior to checkout. 

All  BenchVent models are custom manufactured for North America. 
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What can the BV300S-D Extraction System be used for ?

The design of this unit makes it ideal for applications that include filtration and removal of: Aerosol paints, lacquers, adhesives and airbrush overspray. It's also well suited to extracting solder fumes, general solvent vapours and gases extracted to atmosphere. It's design also means it can be used for dust extraction (from grinding etc) as well as general particulates and powders. This is an extraction unit i.e. all odours and gases and extracted to atmosphere.

Key Features :

  • Replaceable plastic spray/fume shield
  • Carry handle
  • Can be assembled in seconds

Why choose this A3 Extraction Unit?

All BenchVent filtration and extraction units come with a lifetime guarantee, are quiet in operation and are extremely quick to get up and running. All that's required is to place the extraction unit on a desk or trolley and simply plug it in and switch on. Because the BV300S-D is an extraction unit it comes complete with our Flexi-Duct to atmosphere extraction fittings. The Flexi-duct can be fixed to a standard domestic vent or simply placed through a partially open window to facilitate portability or convenience.

This unit can be used in two positions:

Horizontal position

Fr Spray Mount, aerosol lacquers and fixatives etc. applied to artwork placed onto the filter. Accommodates artwork up to A3 size.

Vertical position

For model sprays and airbrush use - light grinding particles (not sparking) - solder fume extraction and general solvent and gas extraction.

Filtration Method :

The particulate (intake) filter is a three stage graduated fibre filter with a high 'dust' holding capacity for long life. Filtration to 5 micron particles. NB: Spray particulate sizes vary from 10 to 20 microns. The dual process of filtration and then extraction to atmosphere via flexi-duct, vastly reduces and/or eliminates operator exposure to potentially hazardous substances.

Demonstrating adequate control of the risks to the health of employees students and the general public, from dusts, powders, mists, fumes and vapours is the fundemental requirement of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (CoSHH)

  • Customer Barry From United States provides his review of the BV300S-D Purchased Recently.
  • My first impression upon opening the box, was that unit was what I would call industrial grade quality, meaning it was well made and should last a long time. I purchased the BV300S-D since my plastic modeling choice of paint is primarily lacquer, so fume particle removal is paramount. I also wear a respirator to provide an additional level of protection. One of the products I use frequently is Mr. Primer Surfacer which has an extremely strong odor. My previous paint extractor was a unit with two fans and dual discharge vents. Depending on how long my spray sessions were, it wasn’t long before I had to stop painting to let the extractor catch up clearing the air. It became obvious very quickly that the single motor BV300S-D moved significantly more air than my two-fan unit did resulting in less overspray and a lot less fumes. An added benefit is that the BenchVent BV300S-D is the same height as my former extractor but is 1/3 less in width giving me more room on my work bench. I’m extremely happy with this product and would buy it again. 
  • Customer Zach From Canada provides his review of the BV300S-D Purchased Recently.
  • I've worked with airbrushing for several years now and stepping into lacquers meant that the cheap route for ventilation wasn't going to cut it! I'd previously employed a generic spray booth, a cheap model from Amazon, and it was decent enough for my needs at the time, but I was frustrated in searching for a booth that was truly safe for flammable paints. Even the larger Paasche models of spray booths discourage enamel and lacquer use, so I eventually found out about the BenchVent models and Strike Force Hobbies.
    Switching the BenchVent on for the first time immediately explained the difference in price between it and a cheaper model. The booth is easy to set up and operate, but I was surprised by the obvious power behind it. Whereas the tiny old model I was using left the smell of paint fumes even after hours of operation, the BenchVent quickly cleared my workshop of apparent fumes in minutes. 
    For such a powerful machine, it's also surprisingly small and ergonomic. The tall, narrow shape of the unit, the placement of the hose at the top rather than back, the modular hood, and large wide-open vent leave plenty of space on my table and makes for a convenient, unobtrusive working area. The system is sturdy and fairly light, but big enough to tackle larger projects easily.
    Most important of all, the design of the vent guarantees safety when working with flammable paints, something I've yet to find other brands make a claim to. While some sellers brush off the risk of fire in traditional vent models, I didn't want an enjoyable hobby turning into a dangerous affair! Although I was hesitant to invest in this system, the peace of mind that my work environment is safe and clean is worth the price alone, even without all the aforementioned advantages.
    Ultimately, I cannot recommend any other paint vent setup for hobbyists working with volatile paints. The BenchVent works better than any other system that I've encountered, and it's the only such system I've found that can truly allow for safe use of these products. The investment is worth it!
    I should also point out the ease with which I was able to procure this elusive (for Canadians) product thanks to Strike Force Hobbies. Associate Rui was able to answer any questions that I had about the product and the international shipping process, informed me what to expect in terms of fees and times, and kept me updated regularly. They were kind enough to request an expedited product from the manufacturers without added cost (or even my having to ask!). 
    Canadians can often find international hobby purchases like this a long, costly, and uncertain process. SFH made it easy, transparent, and painless instead. I look forward to working with them again!
SpecificationsDimensions in Millimeters are 500x380x430 (wxhxd) Description Steel construction finished in dove grey - plastic replaceable spray/fume shield - particulate filter - centrifugal blower, external rotor motor type brushless, UL, VDE and CSA approved - sealed electrical wiring and switch, downstream of filter. Flexi-duct 2 metres x 100mm dia. - carry handle. Technical Specification Air Volume at Free Air 355 m3/hr Ave. Air Velocity at Filter Face 0.60m/sec Ave. Air Velocity at Shield Face 0.55m/sec Fan Motor Spec 230V 50Hz 105W Filters Particle Filter: IFA3 Noise Level LAeq dB(A) 58
Lifetime Guarantee for all BenchVent manufactured Extractor(s) / Spray Booth products BenchVent Terms and Conditions apply please see Warranty section for details. Call Our Toll free Number For Assistance If Needed.
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Customer will be invoiced via email the exact shipping cost,the average cost starts at $ 95.00-$ 98.90 U.S. . Signature will be mandatory on all purchases upon delivery via UPS. Shipping to be UPS only with Signature Due on Delivery. Please select the shipping option displayed on cart as noted and then click " RECALCULATE " system will display $0.00 shipping.  " UPS courier services and BENCHVENT Orders ( we will advise exact shipping cost on order ) ".
BenchVent Terms and Conditions Apply Call Our Toll free Number For Assistance If Needed.

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