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BenchVent BV300S Spray Booth

BenchVent BV300S Spray Booth

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The BenchVent BV300S is a recirculatory glue booth which comes complete with spray shield. It is designed for art, graphics, hobbies, modelling and crafts, for use in areas where ducted glue booths are not practical. Users can position it two ways, reclining or upright, to suit the work they are doing:

  • Reclining position (on back-stand) - For Spray Mount, aerosol lacquers and fixatives etc. applied to artwork placed onto the filter. BV300S accommodates artwork up to A3.
  • Upright position - For model sprays and airbrush use – light grinding particles – solder fume displacement – general solvent dilution etc.

The BV300S can accommodate artwork up to an A3 size.

All North American Units are regulated at 110 V / 60Hz and arrive with the electrical power plug manufactured for North America usage.

Disclaimer :

Strike Force Hobbies recommends following the proper protocol(s) / caution and wear a respirator when spray painting.

BV300S Applications:

The BV300S are suitable arts and graphics, hobbies,modelling and craft applications. It will extract fumes and filter particles created by:

  • Aerosol adhesives
  • Lacquers
  • Fixatives
  • Airbrush Sprays
  • Solders

The BV300S is not recommended for continued use, such as in production applications, especially in extremely confined areas where harmful solvent vapours and fumes may accumulate. For this type of environment, you will require higher specification extraction cabinets such as the BV660H-C or BV930H-C

Lifetime Guarantee for all BenchVent manufactured products. * Terms and Conditions apply please see Warranty section for details.
All North American Units are regulated at 110 V and arrive with the electrical power plug manufactured for North America usage.

All Measurements noted below are in Millimeters.



Manufacturing / Production of all units for North America to commence January 2024. 

Upon purchase of this product you fully accept manufacturing time of 2-4 weeks. 

Be advised delay may occur as per production during heavy demand.

All units ordered shipping is to commence January 2024. 

Exact Shipping cost will be invoiced to the customer prior to order shipping.

Please select "UPS" as shipping option, and click recalculate tab prior to checkout. 

All  BenchVent models are custom manufactured for North America. 
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What's included with the BV300S?

  • Filter unit with fan(s) and back stand attached
  • Spray Shield
  • 1 x Particulate filter
  • Charcoal Impregnated fibre filter
  • Power Lead
  • Data/Warranty Booklet

Lifetime Guarantee

All BenchVent filtration and extraction systems carry a lifetime guarantee.


Lifetime Guarantee for all BenchVent manufactured Extractor(s) / Spray Booth products BenchVent Terms and Conditions apply Please see Warranty section for details. Call Our Toll free Number For Assistance If Needed.
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BenchVent Terms and Conditions Apply Call Our Toll free Number For Assistance If Needed.

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