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BROADWAY LIMITED Rolling ThunderTM Receiver Only

BROADWAY LIMITED Rolling ThunderTM Receiver Only

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If you prefer to use your own RCA equipped subwoofer, you may choose to purchase this receiver to play the full frequency sounds from your Paragon3 equipped locomotives.
The ALL-NEW Paragon3 with Rolling ThunderTM sound and control system for HO scale has all the features of its predecessor Paragon2, but now includes more, higher fidelity sounds than ever before, plus the ability to reproduce low frequency sounds that give your railroad the feel and depth of sound of a real locomotive!

Available Special Order ! Please call customer service prior to ordering.


STOCK # BLI-1596
On a large layout, where a locomotive can be very far from the subwoofer, the Rolling ThunderTM system detects the distance and fades out the subwoofer until the locomotive gets close again, or, if another locomotive is in range, it will connect automatically to the subwoofer and begin playing its sounds at levels appropriate to its distance to the subwoofer.

The system consists of the Paragon3 sound system in the locomotive, with its integral Rolling ThunderTM transmitter, a Rolling ThunderTM receiver box under the layout, and a powered subwoofer.


- Rolling ThunderTM receiver works with any Rolling ThunderTM equipped Paragon3 locomotive - Rolling ThunderTM works with DC or DCC layouts. Just plug it in. - 25 times more powerful than typical model train sound systems for sounds you can feel - 2 available transmission frequencies - to prevent wireless interference - 29 available channels per frequency - for additional wireless interference prevention - Actual sounds of each locomotive play through your subwoofer

- US Patent #7,634,411

* - For use only with Paragon3 equipped locomotives

** - Paragon3 locomotives will operate with normal sounds even without the Rolling ThunderTM subwoofer/receiver kit. However, sound frequency response will be limited to those made from the onboard speakers.