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 Athearn Genesis HO Bay Window 481-Class Caboose with Lights, Western Pacific #486

Athearn Genesis HO Bay Window 481-Class Caboose with Lights, Western Pacific #486

$79.99 Reg. Price $99.98   You Save $19.99
In a bay window caboose, the crew monitoring the train sits in the middle of the car in a section of wall that projects from the side of the caboose.
The windows set into these extended walls resemble architectural bay windows, so the caboose type is called a bay window caboose. This type afforded a better view of the side of the train and eliminated the falling hazard of the cupola. It is thought to have first been used on the Akron, Canton and Youngstown Railroad in 1923, but is particularly associated with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, which built all of its cabooses in this design starting from an experimental model in 1930.
The bay window gained favor with many railroads because it eliminated the need for additional clearances in tunnels and overpasses.

STOCK # ATH-G63035


Laser-sharp painting and printing

Detailed interior with seats, bunks Tables, etc.

See-through end platforms and steps

Detailed underbody with full brake rigging

Etched metal window screens

Roof mounted "flying saucer" radio antenna

Ground plane Flush window glazing

Wireform grab irons

50-ton trucks with rotating bearing caps

Axle generator details Body-mounted

McHenry scale knuckle-spring couplers

Machined metal RP25 profile wheel sets

LED lighting for long life and reliable operation

On-board lighting system by Soundtraxx

Operates in DCC and analog (DC)

Lighting functions controllable in DCC

LED interior lights Directional roof-mount "frogeye" marker lights (LED)

Supports advanced consisting in DCC Light intensity (marker and interior) independently adjustable via CVs Various classes will feature single or dual roof markers, or end-mount marker lights, per prototype

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