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SoundTraxx Tsunami 2 Sound Samples

Sound Samples

Listen to the SoundTraxx sound samples and hear what you can expect from Their new line of Tsunami2 Digital Sound Decoders! Tsunmai2 Digital Sound Decoders are available in Steam, Diesel, and Electric versions for the ultimate versatility. Each version has a variety of sound options to help you customize any of your models and create the most realistic layouts possible. Here you can navigate through sound samples for each of these versions to learn, and hear, more about the features this new line of decoders brings to your layout!

Select sound samples from links :

Steam Sound Samples

Diesel Sound Samples

Electric Sound Samples

Sound Selection References:

View a full list of the sound selections offered for each version of Tusnami2 using the links below.


EMD Diesel

GE Diesel

ALCO Diesel

Baldwin and Other Diesel


Disclaimer :

All sound files are the property of SoundTraxx (Throttle Up!) and are not to be used for any reason other than your personal listening pleasure. These recordings are protected by federal copyright law. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction or duplication of these recordings is prohibited by federal law and is subject to criminal prosecution. © Throttle Up! Corp. 1998-2017.