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BenchVent Filters

When Air Brushing your Health is of most importance,and even though you do not see the paint particles they are in the air. This is the reason

you need the very highest standard of Air Filter to protect you from Harmful paint particles and also protect your Lungs. BenchVent provides

you with total peace of mind knowing that years of research and knowledge in Air Filters are protecting the air that you breath while

working on your Hobby Project(s).

 BenchVent High-quality particulate filters specifically for the BV300S-D Spray Booth. In order to maintain your Lifetime Guarantee of your BV300S-D unit, filters for the BV300S-D should be replaced every 2 months to ensure effectiveness and limit stress on the fan and other internal components.   

IFA3 – Particulate filters are designed to capture particles to approximately 5 microns (dust and pollen particles are typically 10-20microns). With a high dust holding capacity for extended life (particularly with sprays), your running costs will be reduced when using BenchVent particulate filters. 

Disclaimer :

Strike Force Hobbies recommends following the proper protocol(s) / caution and wear a respirator when spray painting.

Phone number is mandatory when ordering this product due to courier regulations.

We do not ship to destinations outside of North America.


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