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Mianne Bench Work

Imagine your dream benchwork layout assembled and ready for track, scenery, etc. in less time than it takes to get to the local lumber yard and back. Right out of the box with no power tools, nails....etc just some simple tools are required Pliers, Mallet or Small Hammer for leg pegs, number 2 and 3 Phillips Screw Driver that's it. No more mess to clean up. Assembly is as simple as 1,2,3 with full easy to follow instructions included with every Mianne Bench Work Product.

Customer Build below total build time 3-4 hours.

 Review the video below and start getting excited as the Mianne BenchWork will be available soon for  purchase right from our website.


Mianne Benchwork part 1 :



Mianne Benchwork adding a 4x8 top sheet part 2 :

Why struggle with measurements, saw dust, and so much more when you can have quick ready made modules by Mainne Benchwork. Looking to grow and expand your existing layout or construct a totally new Layout it's now easier than ever with Mianne Benchwork Modules. 

Mianne " Starter Sets " now available for purchase !

Mianne " Around The Room Sets " now available for purchase !

Mianne " Classic Kits  " now available for purchase !