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TenaControls operated by Ralph Tenaglia. Mr. Tenaglia has a Bachelors degree in Engineering from Northeastern University as well as 39 years of design and manufacturing experience in the electronic sector. TenaControls warranty is a Five Year warranty and is included with every TenaControls product manufactured. Your projects will benefit greatly with TenaControls leading the way in innovation to enhance them.

Shipping Rate Chart : ( Shipping cost will be tabulated automatically on checkout )

United States ( displayed as  " US " ) 1-2 Kits $ 9.00 , 3-4 Kits $11.00 , 5-6 Kits $ 15.00  USD

Europe 1-2 Kits $ 48.00,  3-4 Kits $ 55.00 ,  5-6 Kits $ 65.00  USD

Canada 1-2 Kits $ 15.00 ,  3-4 Kits $ 20.00,  5-6 Kits $ 28.00   USD 

How to Purchase  : 

Select your TenaControl Product(s) then select quantity of kits desired and finally see shipping chart to select your shipping rate as per the number of kits purchased and Country USA , EUROPE, CANADA. Click add to cart and then  view cart to see your purchase. Shipping rate will be tabulated and added automatically to the cost of the product as per your selection.Then proceed to finalize with payment.

If you require assistance please contact us .


 Under Construction Products continue to be posted.