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STRIKE FORCE HOBBIES is proud to offer all our customers " PREMIER SHIP MODELS " complete product line. Many of our customers worldwide have requested the products and we listened.

With over 12 years of product research Premier Ship Models is constantly updating and improving the design and quality of their models. With crisp detail, superior craftsmanship, and a passion for quality their Superior, Premier and Custom ranges are world renowned.

All the ship models produced in these ranges are manufactured using "plank on frame" craftsmanship which is done by hand from scratch. The type of wood that is used can vary from model to model but on the whole it is either teak and sapele wood or fiber glass for the more modern yachts. This method of production has been ongoing for generations and has not changed much although for the modern sailing ships, motor yachts and technical vessels they have resorted to using computers and software equipment to achieve a more highly technically accurate ship model.

All ship models are thoroughly checked by the Quality Control throughout the production process to ensure that the best quality is maintained at all times.