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Ring Engineering, has created the easy to use and powerful RailPro model train control system because they believe you should spend your time having fun with your model trains and not learning cryptic programming of variables, memorizing what function buttons do, and other complexities required by typical digital control systems. In addition to ease of use, RailPro’s Direct Radio adds simplicity and capabilities that are only available with a RailPro system. RailPro products by Ring Engineering are professional model railroad control products, which can be enjoyed by beginners and experts alike.

The RailPro controller is exciting, innovative,and a new fresh approach to full train operation on your Model Railroad Layout.

It provides you with on screen pics, and is as simple as 1,2,3, to operate.

If you're not adapt to all the technical jargon in the DCC world, and just want to have fun with your trains then look no further this is the product for you.


Awaiting confirmation of RF Frequency certification for Canada by Ring Engineering for products listed in Red.

Ring Engineering Warranty does not apply at this time to the products listed in Red below for Canada.

Products listed below in Red are not sold in Canada,Europe,and UK at this time.

RAILPRO AM-1 Accessory Controller Module

RAILPRO AM-1S Accessory Controller Module with Sound

RAILPRO AR-1 Auto Reverse Module

RAILPRO PWR-56 Model Railroad Power Supply

RAILPRO HC-2 Wireless Handheld Controller with Color Touchscreen

RAILPRO LM-2 HO Scale Locomotive Module without Sound

RAILPRO LM-2S HO Scale Locomotive Module with Sound

RAILPRO RPK-1 Starter Kit