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SAGOLA Compressors

The SAGOLA line of compressors the CP1000 and the CP2000 are configured for North America.These compressors have been used by many  airbrush artists from around the world. They will fit well as part of your workbench,and if you are a graphic artist or a avid modeller you will enjoy the craftsmanship,quality,and the durability of the CP1000 AND the CP2000.

The compressors arrive ready to work right out of the box.The plug with compressor is a European two prong therefore a three prong adapter is

required to be purchased by the customer for use in North America. 

We are the official Distributor for this exciting line of SAGOLA Compressors for Canada territory of North America.

Delivery time 1-3 weeks due to high demand of these products.

Delivery time(s) may be extended due to production run at the SAGOLA manufacturing plant. Notice will be provided to customer.

Notice :

Compressors extra shipping charges apply due to weight and size.

We will advise of exact shipping cost and invoice customer. Product will ship when all shipping costs have been remitted in full.