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SoundTraxx Product & Instructional Videos

We have for you some very exciting Product and Instructional Videos by SoundTraxx

These videos will enhance your model Railroad as you apply the SoundTraxx products displayed to your layout

All Videos displayed remain the sole property of SoundTraxx ( registered copyright ).

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We hope you enjoy the videos, and that they will both enhance as well as encourage you with all your model Railroading Projects

Installing a SoundCar Decoder into a Blackstone Models Refrigerator Car

The first release of Blackstone Models HOn3 D&RGW 30-Foot Refrigerator Cars features a SoundCar-ready design for the easy addition of rolling stock sounds to the model. The design includes a built-in housing for a 35mm x 16mm speaker, and openings in the underbody for the sound and wires.

Eco-200 Installation :

In this video, Ken Patterson shows how to install the SoundCar decoder into the model, as well as how to modify centering springs to use as track pickup wipers. He also installed an optional CurrentKeeper in the model to ensure continuous operation of the decoder during brief power interruptions.

SoundTraxx Econami Diesel Prime Mover Selection

Econami Digital Sound Decoders for diesel locomotives include a selection of five popular prime movers, as well as two air compressors, to accommodate most models.

Prime movers include: EMD 567 (non-turbo); EMD 645 (turbo); EMD 710 (turbo); GE FDL-16 (modern); and ALCO 244. Econami also includes a standard and GE air compressor.

SoundTraxx Hyperdrive2 Advanced Motor Control

Soundtraxx value line of Econami Digital Sound Decoders feature Hyperdrive2 advanced motor control for smooth, slow-speed operation. Check it out!

SoundTraxx Tsunami Dynamic Digital Exhaust

Did you know that Tsunami Steam Digital Sound Decoders have a load-sensing exhaust? This built-in feature, known as Dynamic Digital Exhaust, senses changes in the throttle setting and factors in the motor load to adjust the timbre, volume, and other parameters of the exhaust sound.

In this video, Ken Patterson demonstrates this realistic effect.

SoundTraxx Tsunami Functioning Brake Effect (F11 Braking)

Did you know that Tsunami has a functioning brake effect? With some basic programming, you can turn the F11 brake squeal sound effect into an actual brake function.

In this video, Ken Patterson demonstrates this feature and explains how it can add more realism to your operating sessions.

SoundTraxx Hyperlight Lighting Effects

This video shows some examples of the 14 Hyperlight lighting effects that are available on all SoundTraxx Tsunami Digital Sound Decoders and Mobile Decoders.

SoundTraxx Tsunami 7-Band Equalizer

Did you know that Tsunami Digital Sound Decoders have a 7-band equalizer (EQ)? The built-in EQ allows you to cut and boost sound levels over seven selected frequency ranges.

In this video, Ken Patterson demonstrates this feature, which is helpful for optimizing speaker performance and creating distinct locomotive "profiles."

Intelligent Consisting with the Tsunami SoundCar Digital Sound Decoder

Intelligent Consisting is a new feature available in Tsunami SoundCar Digital Sound Decoders for rolling stock.This is a quick and easy method to synchronize Tsunami decoders in locomotives and rolling stock without tricky programming.

It's DCC consisting with the "wave of a wand."

SoundTraxx CurrentKeeper

The CurrentKeeper (P.N. 810140) maintains power to the decoder for up to 10 seconds during electrical interruptions for hiccup-free operation of sound, lights and motor.

It measures 40mm x 6mm x 11mm.