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SoundTraxx Tsunami 2 Decoders

Tsunami2 is SoundTraxx’ new line of high-performance Digital Sound Decoders. This line provides high quality onboard locomotive sound, precision motor control and brilliant lighting effects. The Tsunami2 Digital Sound Decoder is designed to enhance your model railroading experience by giving you a wide variety of innovative features and only the most realistic sound for your models.

Features :

Tsunami2 leads the industry in processing power with a 32-bit processor that provides the necessary horsepower to support 28 functions, 16 polyphonic sound channels, tons of sound and lighting effects, and advanced motor control.

Tsunami2 Digital Sound Decoders integrate a full-featured sound system, Hyperlight™ lighting effects, Hyperdrive2™ advanced motor control, and a DCC decoder into a single package. Tsunami2 Digital Sound Decoders offer over 50 individual sounds, and over 20 lighting effects in each model!

  SoundTraxx has added a host of new recordings including: whistles, horns, bells, compressors – and remastered favorites from years past. These new recordings provide nearly limitless choices to the user! Multiple prototypes in every model means no time spent on a computer downloading files or purchasing special programs. In addition, more powerful audio output, two volume mixers, and our ever-popular Equalizer make the digitized recordings of real engines loud, clear and ultra-flexible.

In 1996, SoundTraxx first introduced Dynamic Digital Exhaust to modelers. Now, they've taken this cool feature to new levels of prototypical realism. Tsunami2 is equipped with their newly designed Dynamic Digital Exhaust (DDE), which automatically adjusts the volume and engine RPM schedule to simulate the locomotive producing a range of power during operation. Engine RPM increases as the DDE processor detects greater amounts of demand on the motor, and it reduces as the demand is lifted.

In 2005, SoundTraxx introduced the first “F11” Braking Feature. Tsunami2 takes this even further with three different types of braking – Independent, Train, and Dynamic Braking – allowing you to truly be in the engineer’s seat! Add HEP mode (Head End Power) in diesel versions and the first truly adjustable steam cutoff, and you’ll discover a whole new way to have fun with your trains!

Hyperdrive2 provides incredible low-speed operation and smooth,
lurch-free running with a switching mode that will reduce the speed
by half – at the press of a key!

Tsunami2 provides full 28-function support and includes their newly developed Flex-Map technology.

Flex-Map technology makes assigning any function or sound effect to any key easy and intuitive.

Tsunami2 Digital Sound Decoders are designed for installation inside
your locomotive and are available in steam, diesel, and electric
versions each featuring a full spectrum of prototype-specific sound
effects. It is compatible with the NMRA DCC Standards and
Recommended Practices.

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