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In 2017 Tru-Color Paint started to release a large variety of paints for aircraft. These paints cover the period from 1914 to the modern era and include colors for the world’s airplanes from WWI to the modern era. Paints have been or will be released for U.S. Army Air Corps (WWII and the inter-war years 1921-1940), RAF biplanes for WWI, RAF planes for WWII, U.S. Navy and Marine Corps for WWII, modern U.S. Air Force (anything after 1960), the Israeli Air Force and other air forces as data and time permit.

 Regarding the modern U.S. Air Force paints Tru Color is the ONLY model paint company that offers the F-22 and F-35 Radar Dispersion/Absorption paints in single component ready-to-spray bottles for the modeler plus the “Have Glass” scheme for the F-16. These unique paints “sparkle” when viewed under sunlight or bright light – like the real paint on the prototypes.

The aircraft section of our military product line falls in the TCP-1200 to TCP-1399 series. All of these paints are designed to be air brushed directly from the bottle with little or no thinning at 28-35 PSI. If thinning is desired, we recommend using TCP-015, Thinner and/or TCP-310 Retarder, as it will not affect the drying time or intended finish of the paint being sprayed.

Every color in this series is matched by experts in their respective fields (particularly those for WWI biplanes and for years up to 1939), information on ANA (Army-Navy Aeronautical Standards) colors from color guides, monographs and other research material and most importantly to color chips of Federal Standard (FS) 595B or 595C as appropriate. For aircraft colors other than for the United States, we rely on color standards, FS equivalents, British Standards and other research material to obtain the most accurate match possible for the modeler.

Note : 

All colors used for painting all aircraft used in the Viet Nam war (conflict if you are PC) including all camouflage colors for F-4’s and B-52 bombers. Also available Titanium paint for the after burners on the F-4’s and other jet aircraft!


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